Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kourtneys Style but for less.....


i have been obssessed with kourtney kardashians blog. love her style and the way she dresses her little boy mason. my little man is 3 months old hard to find cute clothes for you agree!?!?  i cant afford to spend what kourtney spends her on clothes and shoes so here is my look of the day for less.

leopard jacket from it on sale for $35.
leggings bebe: $19.99
sweater from tj max: $19.99
boots(my luxury for the month) marc jacobs from bloomingdales: $595.00
diaper bag by mia bossi: $99.99
hat at bcbg: $48
paytons red sweatsuit at h & m: $10.99
paytons booties at gap: $5.99

i always spend a bit more on shoes and purses. i think they make more of a statement in fashion than designer clothing. plus....designer clothing are SOOO expensive. you can find cute looks at h & m, bebe, bcbg and tj max(you really need to spend some time there tho digging).

stay tuned for my next look!!! thanks for visiting.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Check it out!

Mia Bossi is currently featured at Hautelook!  Sale started today but will continue on through Friday!  We got some really cute new colors at amazing prices.  (Hurry while supplies last!)


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bootie Shaking!

We had a run of nice weather here in Chicago, yesterday was probably the last of our Indian summer and today brings cold winds and rain.  But the most exciting part of fall is busting out my booties!  Zip em, buckle em, or lace em up...they're a must have during the chilly months.
Love me a pairs of these...

Ok, so I'm not digging deep into my pocket and spending $1195 for this lovely CL bootie.  But I feel like it has the perfect ingredients for a classic look, the camel color leather,  light colored stitching and the signature red.  These are just as cute...
This Stuart Weitzman are just as classy and at a lower price.
Both pairs can be found at Saks. 

Oh and good luck to our fellow Chicagoans dealing with the 60 mph winds today.  Stay safe!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Hello Friends!

Mia Bossi has joined the blogging world!  Follow us for fashion trends, motherhood, and even behind the scene reports at our Mia Bossi office in Chicago.  Having this blog will be a great way to share personal photos, stories, and thoughts from the designers. 

I will be one of three  =)
Halloween is right around the corner and I'm still trying to finalize on a costume idea, but having so much fun in the process.  Its actually a chance for everyone to live out a costume(y) inspiration!   A day where it gives everyone...adults, children and even pets, a legitimate excuse to dress totally over the top! 
What will you be wearing this weekend?