Monday, January 31, 2011

DEAL of the week

MIA BOSSI deal of the week...LYNDSEY Eggpant at $175.00.

This bag is stunning and the leather/hardware is gorgeous. Goes with anything and the purple is very rich in color. I LOVE the Lyndsey sooo chic and versatile. A great easy diaper bag on the go. Very spacious too!

GREY is the new BLACK?????

Hello....hope everyone is doing well. I LOVE the color grey. I see myself wearing the color grey alot. I think its a fabulous color that goes with everything. I seem to gravitate towards any color associated with grey when Im shopping. Here is my monday outfit! Whats your favorite new color?

Sweater: Catherine Malandrino
Black sweater: Poof
Leggings: BCBG
Boots: Pour La Vicotrie Grey Snakeskin (Over the Knee)
Watch: Chanel J12
Bag: Chloe Marcie Bag Sping 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is my 6 month old son too young for basketball game?

When is the right age to take your baby to his first basketball game? My husband and I came to an agreement that if we took our son to the game....we would leave the minute he got fussy. The game started at 7pm and left by 9pm(4th qtr). My huz said,  "come one 5 more minutes". I said "a deal is a deal". Payton, my son decided enough is enough!!! LOL we took precautions and took his earphones to keep the noise down. Unfortunately, he did not like the earphones :( Hopefully, he will get use to it soon....a lot more games planned ahead.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Is it safe to have a big dog with new baby?

Ever wonder if having a big 95 lbs dog is safe with a newborn? This was our dilemma before our son came home. The trick is....NEVER forget about your fist baby....which is the dog. We always made sure he had his own time with us and taught him that the baby is a part of this family and he needs his space. Most dogs adapt fairly quickly. Our german sheperd loves my son and protects him everyone that comes over. One rule of thumb that we learned is to make sure that he know you are the BOSS. We trained him with treats when he behaved and listened. Dogs think black and white so clear and precise direction is key.

If you are still unsure and your vet for more information. Here are some photos of my pup and son. :) Now they both share daddy attention!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MIA BOSSI deal of the week!

OMG this Reese Sienna is the last one! Its a discontinued bag. Its awesome....a neutral color that will go with everything. I LOVE the Reese bag....its so versatile. You can wear it around as a messenger or tote....depending on your preference.

We are offering it at $200.

Dont pass up this great opportunity....original price is $420.00

Monday, January 17, 2011

Vest a holic!!!!

I was never the vest type of person....until I found this theory vest. It keeps me warm and is great for in and out of the car. Not only is a chic and warm....but the colors blend with everything.

Whats your favorite vest of the season?

Vest: Theory
Black Jacket: Bebe
Tights: Poof(my fav....its super warm and thick)
Boots: BCBG (and so comfortable....cuz its platform)
Bag: Hermes

Thursday, January 13, 2011

MY favorite MIA BOSSI of the week!

Ladies....heres a chance to grab this fabulous diaper bag for $125.00!!

I love it because its light and the perfect size for all of my babies needs. Its great for day and night! Its functional yet stylish! We have 2 left!!!!

I learned that when your baby is from newborn to 6 months, you do not need a HUGE diaper bag. I carry diapers, pacifier, formula, change of clothes, wipes, few toys, bib, birth cloth, destin, changing pad and a blanket. This bag fits all these items and more for your personal belongings.

My sons 3 favorite blue help sleep through the night!

Hi Everyone!

Do you ever wonder....when is my baby going to sleep through the night? I asked myself this questions for months and after trial and error...he was looking for 3 things....well 3 blue things. 1) pacifier 2) his blankie 3) sack. He needs all these items to calm him to a restful sleep. Pacifier....well thats a given...ALL babies love that. Blankie....I didn't give it to him until 1 month ago and now he cant sleep without it...even naps. Finally....the sack! Well with this freezing and cold temperature here in chicago, its good to keep the baby warm. My son is always hot but at night he likes it warm. He would sleep 6 hours and awake. Then, sleep another 40 minutes and awake. I couldnt understand why and I finally realized that he needed a sack to keep his legs and upper body warm. I was contemplating on a blanket but with SIDS, it wasn't an option.

Well.....I hope this helps you out there in need of ideas!

Of course EVERY baby is different.

Thanks for listening!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Its cold out to keep warm without too much layering.

hello ladies!

its january and the coldest month of the year. i hate heavy coats and layering. makes you look fat and bulky. here are my fashion tips to keep warm but chic and stylish.

i have on a black thick sweater by plein sud(vintage designer no longer around) and poncho by tart( and bought it for $79). i also have on thick leggings by poof and fur boots by bebe. my bag is by givency that i bought for $900 at a resale store in nyc. it was never used and brand bargain of the month.

hope you like my tips! keep warm.