Friday, February 25, 2011

Exotic Vacation-2

JACKET: Dolce and Gabbana(got stolen on mad) PURSE: Gucci SHIRT: Bcbg JEANS: Bcbg SHOES: Gucci
Here are more photos of our safari trip! My apologies for the boring posts this week. Got a bit lazy and busy with other things. Do you ever get so overwhelmed with errands? Feels like it never ends. Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Exotic Vacation to South Africa!

Hope you had a great weekend! Thinking about travel and my favorite of them being South Africa. My hubbie and I went on a safari in south africa for our honeymoon. It was truly an amazing experience. LOVE to do it again but lack of time due to my son and business. Traveling with our son on a safari is out of the question for now.....maybe when he's 15 since thats when kids are allowed on safari trips. Here are some of our adventures!! Hope you all enjoy the pictures...will be posting stay tuned. If you have any questions and thinking about a safari trip.....I can definitely help with suggestions.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ready for gardening?

Hello! I was looking back at my pictures and noticed how wonderful and relaxing it was planting flowers and looking at them every morning out my window and deck. I LOVE gardening and such a mindless hobby. These photos are of  I when I was pregnant with Payton. Its only Feb but April/May, is when we plant these beautiful flowers. I cant wait!! Most of these flowers were bought from Jayson here in chicago. They have amazing selections. I noticed that the ones from Home Depot do not last as long....and the quality is not as great. You get what you paid for! Whats your spring hobby?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Dressed up for lunch at Peninsula?

BAG: Chloe Marcie BELT: Gucci BOOTS: Sergio Rossi PANTS: Bebe NECKLACE: no name from Loris SWEATER: Christian Dior

VEST: Adrienne Landau from Intermix (couldn't resist the price)

These Sergio Rossi boots are so comfortable...they are platform

From Intermix....LOVE that store! Lynsey is an amazing stylist!!!!

This Adrienne Landau vest looks white but there is brown grey and black mixed into the fur. I LOVE it!!! 
Hi Everyone!!! Hope you all had a good week and TGIF. I had a date with my girlfriend to have lunch at the Peninsula this afternoon. I got my mom to babysit and rearranged a few things to catch up with my friend.....but she had to cancel due to work issues. So...already downtown and in the area....what to I decided to head over to Zara. Found cute basics for my son and I. I cant believe how affordable their clothing is and the quality is amazing. Sorry for the awful photo quality! I have been obsessed with fur and boots this winter season. My apologies for the repetitive look. Any fun plans this weekend?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring is in the air?

I love this weather! It got a bit chilly and windy later on in the day but it was pretty much a nice day.....again. We are expected to get more freezing weather :( I had lunch with my friend Phillip at Gibsons He owns tails in the city here in chicago. They have amazing goodies for your furry friend!! It was so nice to catch up with him. I ran some errands while my awesome mother babysat....she's so amazing!!! Thanks mom!!!! We leave for Aruba next week so I had to get last minute things for our trip.

PURSE: Chanel VEST: Theory BLOUSE: D & G  WATCH: Chanel J12 BOOTS: Laurence Decade


BRACELET: Sequin and Danille Stevens

Laurence Decade use to be the designer for Chanel! These boots are Chanel esque.

Comfortable heel!
I love getting dressed every is a part of my life and always have been. Growing up with a mother who constantly updated her wardrobe to keep up with the fashion trend....I was inspired  to be just like her. I use to sneak into her closet and try on her furs, shoes and handbags. I guess its genetic!!!  Who inspires you? favorite fashion bloggers....atlantic-pacific, fashion toast, sea of shoes and blonde salad. LOVE them each in a unique way. I am inspired!!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A great day for a dress!

Finally, the weather is nice and warm. I went shopping today and got a really cute outfit for my son for our family photo shoot. Its sooo cute!!! I cant wait to put it on Payton. I woke up this morning feeling like wearing a dress....I am sooo sick of wearing pants. Anyone wishing it was spring/summer? I LOVE winter clothes but I need some warmth.

DRESS: Free Peoeple LEGGINGS: Lamb BOOTS: Christian Loubutine(SP? Sorry) WATCH: Chanel J12 NECKLACE: J Crew BELT: Forgot cuz I ripped the tag off it today HAT: Bcbg

I LOVE the detail on these boots!
I have to run....a hectic day but heres my outfit of the day! Hope everyone is enjoying  this beautiful day!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The perfect grey boorts!

BOOTS: Bowne

VEST: Tart PANTS: Bebe BRACELT: Rebel and Danielle Stevens SWEATER: Chloe SCARF: no name from TJ Maxx WATCH: Cartier NAIL POLISH: OPI (forgot name)
 So with all the end of the season sales.....I was unable to find the perfect grey boot to complete my wardrobe. I looked and looked and over this past weekend....I found these jeweled boots for almost nothing. It was 75% off and not my size but I loved them so much....I made it work. LOL....when it comes to fashion, we chicas always find a way!!! I am posting 3 blogs today cuz tomorrow is a busy day for me. Hope you all have a great mid week wed!!!!

My favorite mia bossi diaper bag!

So my company along with my partners were featured in this magazine

I didnt know how important a diaper bag was until my little boy arrived. I have attached my favorite diaper bag...the Maria Toffee. Its a great color combo and goes with everything I wear. Its big and light....and so chic. I get compliments on how great my bag is but most people have no idea its a diaper bag. Take a peek at these pictures! 

My Valentine!

Payton 6.5 months old

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VEST: Theory DRESS: Tart BOOTS: Jeffrey Campbell fringe boots (i love them!!! so comfy and bohemian look) BELT: bebe WATCH: Chanel J12
Hope you had a great valentine whether it was with friends, family or your furry friend! I had a amazing valentine with my husband and son. Came home and roses along with a beautiful card was on the kitchen counter. Apparently the huz came home at noon to deliver the flowers in person but I wasn't work which he apparently forgot. He cant keep up with my schedule he says. LOL! Valentines day is fun but Im not a huge believer in exchanging gifts and etc. Having dinner with my family was enough for me! I feel blessed to have a loving family and amazing group of friends. What else could you ask for? How was your valentines day?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Double Booked

TGIF? Well for was a friday where I double booked a date with my husband and my girlfriends. I love the weekends because I get to spend time with my girlfriends and date night with my husband. I didn't know that friday would be the night to do both... So my husband and I had dinner at Bob San and then went out to Mercadito for drinks with my girlfriends. It worked out after all.... I got to eat 2 times friday night :)  Do you ever make the same mistake and double book?

DRESS: Temperley London PURSE: Gucci(bought in unltimate fav) SHOES: Christian Loubutin WATCH: Cartier 

Wore it with this VERSACE Fur Collar Coat. Had this for 10 years and its amazing!!!!

CL it cuz it fit really nice around the ankle and not big.