Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A great day for a dress!

Finally, the weather is nice and warm. I went shopping today and got a really cute outfit for my son for our family photo shoot. Its sooo cute!!! I cant wait to put it on Payton. I woke up this morning feeling like wearing a dress....I am sooo sick of wearing pants. Anyone wishing it was spring/summer? I LOVE winter clothes but I need some warmth.

DRESS: Free Peoeple LEGGINGS: Lamb BOOTS: Christian Loubutine(SP? Sorry) WATCH: Chanel J12 NECKLACE: J Crew BELT: Forgot cuz I ripped the tag off it today HAT: Bcbg

I LOVE the detail on these boots!
I have to run....a hectic day but heres my outfit of the day! Hope everyone is enjoying  this beautiful day!

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