Friday, February 4, 2011

My fur of many others

Theory Vest (from Intermix) I wear this all the time over sweaters.

Plein Sud (bought this from NY 12 years ago) My FAV!

Adrienne Landau (from Intermix)

Luca Luca (12 years old) Amazing on!

Escada (12 years old) 

LaRok Vest (bought on A BARGAIN!!!

Escada (12 years old) A casual bomber look
Yves Salomon (from Intermix) To die for and soo warm!!!
So the snow it gone but the freezing cold and wind is not!!! I like to be warm when out and about. Most of the time I am in and out of the car but if you live in chicago or anywhere in the midwest, you will agree....keeping warm is key.  With that in mind, my fur obsession has kept me through this brutal winter. Which is your favorite?