Thursday, January 13, 2011

My sons 3 favorite blue help sleep through the night!

Hi Everyone!

Do you ever wonder....when is my baby going to sleep through the night? I asked myself this questions for months and after trial and error...he was looking for 3 things....well 3 blue things. 1) pacifier 2) his blankie 3) sack. He needs all these items to calm him to a restful sleep. Pacifier....well thats a given...ALL babies love that. Blankie....I didn't give it to him until 1 month ago and now he cant sleep without it...even naps. Finally....the sack! Well with this freezing and cold temperature here in chicago, its good to keep the baby warm. My son is always hot but at night he likes it warm. He would sleep 6 hours and awake. Then, sleep another 40 minutes and awake. I couldnt understand why and I finally realized that he needed a sack to keep his legs and upper body warm. I was contemplating on a blanket but with SIDS, it wasn't an option.

Well.....I hope this helps you out there in need of ideas!

Of course EVERY baby is different.

Thanks for listening!

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