Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Is it safe to have a big dog with new baby?

Ever wonder if having a big 95 lbs dog is safe with a newborn? This was our dilemma before our son came home. The trick is....NEVER forget about your fist baby....which is the dog. We always made sure he had his own time with us and taught him that the baby is a part of this family and he needs his space. Most dogs adapt fairly quickly. Our german sheperd loves my son and protects him everyone that comes over. One rule of thumb that we learned is to make sure that he know you are the BOSS. We trained him with treats when he behaved and listened. Dogs think black and white so clear and precise direction is key.

If you are still unsure and your vet for more information. Here are some photos of my pup and son. :) Now they both share daddy attention!!!

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