Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bootie Shaking!

We had a run of nice weather here in Chicago, yesterday was probably the last of our Indian summer and today brings cold winds and rain.  But the most exciting part of fall is busting out my booties!  Zip em, buckle em, or lace em up...they're a must have during the chilly months.
Love me a pairs of these...

Ok, so I'm not digging deep into my pocket and spending $1195 for this lovely CL bootie.  But I feel like it has the perfect ingredients for a classic look, the camel color leather,  light colored stitching and the signature red.  These are just as cute...
This Stuart Weitzman are just as classy and at a lower price.
Both pairs can be found at Saks. 

Oh and good luck to our fellow Chicagoans dealing with the 60 mph winds today.  Stay safe!


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