Monday, March 14, 2011

Colors for Spring

HAT: Eugenia Kim BLOUSE: Fendi JACKET: John Galliano BAG: Roberta de Carmenino LEGGINGS: Lna
 SHOES: Christian Loubutine
My inquisitive German Shepard
My coveted staple items
One of my fav brown booties

Roberta de Carmenino
I have been reading up on whats hot for spring. They say animal prints and bold I decided to surf my closet and put together something fun. You never know how things will look until you put it on after you lay out your outfit! I'm not the person to look through my closet all day but 15 mins max is good enough to find your basics and then your staple pieces. Check out what i put together!! What do you think??? Whats your conclusion for spring 2011?


  1. cute bag

  2. okey : the bag is just fantastic!