Monday, March 7, 2011

Paytons First Family Vacation

Payton wearing daddys cowboy hat
Hi!! Back from our family vacation. It was so much fun. Thought having Payton would be difficult to enjoy our vacation but it was amazing and would never travel without him. He is an angel on the plane and though out the vacation in Aruba. Well....we had a babysitter at night so we can go out and we cheated a bit. :) Here are some pictures of our vacation. We stayed at the Marriot Stellaris which is the best on the island. We visited a few others and they were nice too but we were happy we chose to stay at the Marriot. All the resorts are baby/kid friendly. There were so many families with kids....I was impressed! We did a lot of eating and that can get expensive. Apparently, this is the prime time now and their prices are ridiculous if you ask me but its half the cost in May. Who wants to go there in May when its warm here?!?!  We went on a submarine to see the dunken ship that's 70 years old and then on a sunset dinner cruise(just hubby and i). It was so was ok but we ended the night dancing! We also went to this fabulous restaurant called Madame Jannette the next night.....INCREDIBLE! My 2nd best restaurant experience. My husband loved the bang bang shrimp so much he had 2 servings of it! LOL The weather was beautiful every day and very windy but the wind kept us cool!! We didn't want to come back home!!!!

First time in pool
View from our room facing south
View from our facing north
Our hotel room
Butterfly at the butterfly farm

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View from the natural bridge
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The natural bridge
Getting ready to go out to dinner the 1st night
Our first meal at Moomba!
I would be happy to chat if anyone is interested in going to Aruba. I highly recommend it !! I wish I knew someone that would've of given me pointers about Aruba.  Best way to travel is to be prepared especially with kids. More pictures to come.....


  1. Looks like a great time! Did the hotel provide babysitters?

  2. hi jiye! no the hotel does not but we got the babysitter referral from the travel agency. she is amazing! its the perfect place to travel with kids. there is a direct flight to aruba from chicago which is so important. everyone is very friendly and helpful. you can walk along the strip on the beach with a stroller. we walked almost everywhere!

  3. so adorable!!! how fun. i think i have that swimsuit too :)